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Welcome to the first edition of the Green  new blog.  The blog is intended to provide useful information for woodworking to woodworkers of all skill levels.  This is not a blog for everything woodworking.  This blog will feature and discuss woodworking using only traditional hand tools.  Old tools.  Tools that most people think belong on the shelf in an antique store, not in a fine furniture makers shop. 

My intention is to discuss different tools, their uses and feature productions made strictly from hand tools.  I would like to include pictures and plans.  Not just of my stuff, but of others as well.  I would also like to discuss my hero’s of woodworking like Frank Strazza and Roy Underhill.  My intention is not to beat up on woodworkers who use power tools.  I prefer to live and let live… to each their own. 

Why you ask?  Aren’t power tools better?  Aren’t they faster? more efficient?  Haven’t they replaced hand tools for a reason? 

In my opinion, some of the finest furniture ever made was done so before electricity was even invented.  It is true that for mass production furniture, power tools are faster, but for custom one-of-a-kind pieces, hand tools may be as fast if not faster.  Consider how long it takes just to find an extension cord or setup a router table.  Because I use hand tools, I never have to wear ear protection.  although I have cut myself on a sharp chisel, I’m not worried about cutting off my hand or fingers.  My kids are always welcome in the shop and I am free to listen to the radio.    

This blog is also intended to discuss gardening, self-sustaining living, living naturally, living green, care for the land, politics, the founding fathers, constitutionalism, academia, christianity and orthodoxy, philosophy, the 2nd amendment, hunting and… Dermatology.  That’s right, I’m the woodworking, natural, gardening, living of the land, originalists dermatologist.

I will certainly welcome any and all comments and will do my best to address them.  So get ready, this should be fun.  Stay tuned for my next post.  And remember even power tool users are welcome.  The only thing I abhor is disposable Ikea-ish furniture.  Fight it with all that you are or where will tomorrow’s antiques come from?

-The Greenwoodworker

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